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Fender Custom Shop 63 Stratocaster Relic Lake Placid Blue

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When it comes to guitars, there's an undeniable aura that radiates from the storytelling scars developed over decades of constant use. With the Fender Custom Shop Limited-edition 1963 Stratocaster, you can tap into that mystique while getting the look, feel, and sound of over 50 years of playing. The classic tonewood combo of an alder body with a maple neck and a rosewood fretboard gives this Strat the unmistakable feel of a genuine original, while a trio of showstopping single-coil pickups re-create the vibe of the early days of rock and the lauded lineage of blues. Everything is packaged nicely in a breathtakingly authentic heavy relic'd finish, with distressed hardware throughout illustrating how this axe has been through the wringer. If you're clamoring for a well-worn instrument that's ready for countless shows ahead of it, reach for the Fender Custom Shop Limited-edition 1963 Stratocaster. You won't be disappointed.

Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition 1963 Stratocaster Heavy Relic Features:

Limited-edition Custom Shop '63 Strat in a heavy relic'd finish

Classic tonewood combo of a beefy alder body, sturdy and snappy maple neck, and silky-smooth rosewood fretboard

'63 Strat neck profile feels like it's been played for years

Custom Shop Hand Wound Texas Special Pickups deliver all your favorite strat tones

Well-worn hardware combines with a relic'd finish for an unmistakable vintage vibe