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Fender Custom Shop 59 Stratocaster Relic Shell Pink

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The look and feel of the real deal

In their quest to craft a spot-on re-creation of a '59 Strat, Fender spared no expense in securing some of the best tonewoods available. It all starts with alder, one of two — along with ash — seminal body woods used in the early days of the Stratocaster. Alder has been used for decades and decades in Strats and many other axes, thanks to its full sound, exceptional clarity, and thick mids and lows. For that classic Strat "snap," Fender equipped the '59 Stratocaster with a rock-solid maple neck, shaped to a perfect Oval "C" and built to last for generations. The cherry on top is the AAA rosewood fingerboard, possessing an almost glass-like feel that's perfect for practically any genre and playing style imaginable.

When channeling the sound of one of the first-ever mass-produced 6-strings, special attention needs to be given to the electronics. That's why Fender equipped the '59 Strat with three spectacular Texas Special single-coil pickups to deliver the spank, twang, and grit of an original model. Texas Special pickups in the middle and neck positions deliver an excellent blend of warmth and punch reminiscent of true vintage single-coils — the unmistakable sound of rock's primordial days is in your hands with the '59 Strat.

The '59 Stratocaster's alder body sports a relic'd aged shell pink finish, revealing the beautiful natural wood underneath for the look of a vintage guitar that's been lovingly played for decades. While many guitar aficionados like the relic look, a larger number of players get these guitars because they feel so comfortable and broken in. The relic look naturally calls for distressed hardware, and Fender's Vintage Strat bridge and output jack wear their wounds with pride, topped off with Vintage tuners for a complete package. The '59 Stratocaster looks and feels like a well-worn instrument that will be comfortable and familiar right off the bat.

Mint condition!

Limited-edition Custom Shop '59 Strat in a relic'd finish
Classic tonewood combo of a beefy alder body, sturdy and snappy maple neck, and silky-smooth rosewood fingerboard
Oval "C"-shaped neck fills your hand perfectly in all positions
Texas Special single-coil pickups deliver the full-range of sought-after Stratocaster tones
Well-worn hardware combines with a relic'd finish for an unmistakable vintage vibe